welcome to my blog

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog

You read that right. I’ve started a blog! It’s something I have considered doing for a long time. I’m happy about this and yet I recognise that I have begun something that is going to be a lot of work.

Why start a blog?

Three reasons:

  1. I’ve wanted to for a long time. Blogging is a great way to express oneself. It is also a great way to learn writing discipline. Before starting HoGW, I gave some thought to starting a blog for those two reasons.
  2. It comes highly recommended
  3. Blogging is itself a great contributor to my online reputation and work. It helps with SEO and has proven to be an effective marketing tool

What will you write about?

The home and about pages gave you hints, so now, I will elaborate.

  • This blog is a place for my ramblings, musings and rants. Those are exactly what they sound like. They will be concerned mostly with the fantasy genre and with my own genre and brand of fiction. Things like “Why it is important for villains to monologue” and “Is might truly right?”

Expect us to run through many tropes and such in fantasy stories, web novels and xianxia. However, do note that we will be taking a more critical look at these things and not simply “I like this”, “That’s bad”, “this is overused”. This is where the discussions come in. I will inform you of the sides and issues as I know them as well as my opinions on them. Your task will be to contribute something I may have missed, give your own opinions or simply.

I’m aware that I am praying for a lot (practically wishing on a rating star). This is the internet!” as sinisterSonnet so often reminds me. However, even if only five people end up contributing and the rest just read, I might be okay with that.

  • From time to time, I will share lessons I’ve learned as well as my experiences when it comes to writing. There will also be posts on things I have come to notice and discover about my field. There are some things to be noted though;

I’m not here to give “expert” tips on writing, blogging, productivity, publishing, etc. Don’t expect posts like; “How to gain 5 billion views a month” or “How to write a bestseller”. I’m only just starting out myself. I’m neither that good, experienced or learned.

I will, however, share my personal experiences on the subject. I do not know all but I have learned much this past year. Nevertheless, what I have to share is tainted by qualia. They are subjective to me and my journey. Keep that in mind if you wish to follow my path or learn from me.

  • I will reveal the inner working of my writing. Don’t worry! It will be spoiler free. These expositions will mainly feature HoGW in an attempt to explain some of the background workings of Verre. In addition, I will also point out some my influences and the real world inspirations behind much of my writing. You’ll get to see what goes into my world building.

I’m aware that this is not for everyone. Seeing what’s behind the curtain or following my thought processes might demystify some of the crucial aspects of my work. A part that compels some to read. To such people, I’ll advise they do not read such posts. It wouldn’t be too hard to avoid them. They will be noticeably different from the rest of the blog.

This is something for people like me. The kind that likes to figure out how things work and fit to together. The kind that spends hours on wikis and reading up on things they’re interested in. The sort of people who learning more only allows them to immerse themselves deeper into a story.


Welcome to my blog

How often will you blog?

I plan to put up a blog post every month. I realise now that that’s quite the workload I’ve set for myself. Combining a blog with writing HoGW and my day job will be tricky. Should I restart my side story series that would mean even more work. With respect to release time, however, blog posts will generally come out around the same time a new chapter for HoGW would.

Won’t your other work suffer?

It shouldn’t. I’ll be honest. HoGW takes up a lot of my time. However, I originally wrote the serial whilst juggling a full final year university course load. I can surely handle more. Besides, the blog posts are only half as long as a standard HoGW chapter.

Even so, should the blog truly begin interfering too much with the web serial or other aspects of my life rest assured that I will cut back. Not quit, cut back.

What can we (readers) do to help?

Support this new endeavour! Seriously. I wouldn’t be here now without you guys. One of the real reasons I’m able to work up the motivation to write HoGW and put in all the work I do is because I have people to read it. People who count on me like I do so many other authors to give them their daily fix of literary goodness. I need that here.

Please read the posts I ship out. Share them with friends and on social media.

That notwithstanding, like I mentioned earlier, one of the reasons I’m starting this is because I have things I’d like us to discuss. Discussions cannot be held if there’s only one party talking. Such things are called lectures. Please don’t let this turn into a lecture series.

Contribute, comment, argue and if I write something you don’t agree with, feel free to object. However, take care with your words. Be polite and respect the dignity of other users on the site and yourselves. I’d rather not censor anything but I will delete such comments and ban repeat offenders.

Thank you for reading this. Now, you know what I plan and want from the blog. What about you? What do you want from my blog?