The Dungeon Lord

Only an accident of birth prevented Dunstan Kaguri from meeting his ancestors much earlier than planned. Now, he is forced to face a horrible truth. His home, the Vast Heaven Palace, was falling apart.

Once the greatest power in the region, the sect had long since declined to nearly unsustainable levels. Sensing that ship might soon sink, the rats were quick to abandon it. 

Now, Dunstan must face traitors, enemy cultivators and factors both internal and external all conspiring to takedown his beloved sect. Lucky for him, he has a hidden ace that might save them; a Dungeon Lord System he inherited from a previous life. If he can stomach adventurers dying in his creations, he might yet save his home. 

Tags: Dungeon Core, Action, Adventure, Xianxia, Magic, Politics, LitRPG, Cultivation, Team Battles, Multiple Realms, Sect Management, Disciples,