Heavenward on Golden Wings

The world of Verre is a strange and wonderful place filled with strange, bewitching landscapes, hidden planes and daunting dangers. In the midst of this wonder and beauty is a harmonic anarchy. Earth and heaven lie opposed and mankind wars with itself as well as the fearsome beasts they live alongside. It is the right setting for myths and legends. Empires and kingdoms, heroes and villains, all rise and fall. Men, women and daemons compete on this stage seeking godhood, making names for themselves and establishing legacies of their own.

Born into one of these legacies is Valerian Steelborn of the House of Cragsveil. Blessed with keen acumen and remarkable abilities he steps into a world he expects a lot out of and it, him. How far would he go and what legacy would he leave behind?

Additional Tags: Qihuan / Xuanhuan, Magic, Politics, Cultivation, Team Battles, Multiple Realms

Schedule: The update schedule is currently twice a week; Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10pm-midnight GMT.

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Book One: Hatchling


Part I: The Magistrate’s Grandson 

Part II: The Hope Not Lost

Part III: The Awakened Legacy 

Book Two: Nestling

BK II: Nestling

Part I: The Steel Truth

Part II: Scattering the Clouds

Part III: Guardian Spirit 

Book Three: Fledgeling

BK III: Fledgeling

Part I: Preparations

Part II: Strapping’s 

Part III: Squad Two 

Book Four: First Flight

HoGW BK IV: First Flight

Part III: Guardian Spirit 

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  1. M2t5

    This page needs to be updated.

  2. dspring

    I really enjoy your books, but I think you need to focus on getting books published rather than asking people to sponsor you via some subscription model. It is a numbers game if you wish to earn a living and you simply get a lot more visibility if you publish books and get some good reviews. Your first two books showed up on Amazon and I suspect many of us fans learned about you there. Post the other two books and see what happens.

  3. dspring

    One challenging thought I had for you is with regards to scale. With any cultivation series, you need to be really clear how each tier differs from the others. Each tier should be distinctly different in how their power is represented – it is supposed to be a big deal to achieve a new tier after all. So the difference must be clear and dramatic.

    What this means as an author is that you need to think about how each of the 7 tiers differs from each other so that your writing can easily show that difference. Your first four books showed a huge range of power within tier 1 including some great visual descriptions. It was easy to see how the elite differed from the more ordinary members of that tier. Perhaps too easy as the power difference really was huge.

    But I think it is going to be hard for your to write stories when the character is Lord level and have it be obvious to readers how the power level has dramatically changed. And even harder when you get to King or beyond King. If you are going to be successful, you need to put the thought in up front so that you keep that distinction clear when you write. What you absolutely do not want is to have your description of a battle of Kings to feel almost the same as a battle of Tier 1s with slightly bigger explosions.

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