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I-we need your support. There’s no other way to put it. In a perfect world, books would be awesome and free and no one would have to pay bills and everything a person needed would be half a room away and come at no cost.

Ours is not a perfect world.

I like writing, I really do. I dream of the day that I’d be a recognised author in my own right like the many I’ve come to admire. Somehow, I’ve been able to convince sinisterSonnet, my best friend, to jump aboard with me on this ship of dreams. We’ll need your help staying afloat and on course.

You can help by contributing to my work. It says a lot that someone would be willing to pay for the stuff I write. For one thing it means that I’m not that far from my goal. That my writing is worth something. It is also capital I can use to improve this site, my work and maybe act as a foundation for a future career as an author.

How do you do this?

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Support LupineKing

Can’t contribute financially?

That’s okay. It’s a bummer but not as great as you might think. I find myself in that situation quite often. There are many authors I’d support if I could and many books I would love to buy. However, not everyone has the funds to do so. As of this moment, I’m one of them. But here’s the thing, you can still support the series.

Support comes in forms other than monetary. Sure, money in the pocket solves many problems but one thing writer and pretty much all creative types want is recognition. Iy drives and inspires us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read an awesome supportive comment that just compelled me to open a google doc and start finger stomping out the next chapter. It’s not just comments. There are many things that help and mean just as much to me as financial support. Feel free t support my work through the following;

Support the team and the writing  by;

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Support Lupineking

What do you get in return?

You mean besides my profuse and unflagging gratitude? Well, there’s a lot. They include;

  • A place in the Hall of Heroes: 

The Hall is what it advertises: a place for all those who have worked to save me from the hunger and destitution I hear plagues writers and artists. All patrons go into the hall as well as those who contribute in other ways. There you’ll be immortalised and your contributions never forgotten.

  • Art
  • HoGW Milestone Specials

  • Patreon rewards

Patrons on patreon will have access to all sort of great rewards depending on their tier. These rewards include;

  • Access to patron only content
  • Advance releases of chapters
  • The chance to actually affect and contribute to the story
  • Invitations to monthly Q&A sessions
  • Free ebooks and more

See Patreon Page for more details.

Support LupineKing