Please Help HoGW

Hello guys, I need your help!

It is a big deal to me but it will literally only take you about twenty seconds. As you all know, I am putting HoGW BK II: Nestling out. Problem is, Nestling is book two. No one is going to read book two when they have not even heard of book one.

Here’s where you come in. We need to promote Hatchling, the first book in the series. We do that and we promote the series, HoGW as a whole.

To do this, we need reviews! I probably don’t need to say much about this but reviews are one of THE BIGGEST ways you can help an indie author. You are on royalroad. You know how important ratings and reviews are for attracting eyes to a book.

If you go leave a review on Hatchling on Amazon, it can make a HUGE difference:


Leave a review on Amazon  | USUK | AUS | CAN | DE |


But can you do that?

Yes! Of course, you can! You read the first draft of the book right here. While the published version is slightly different ie. minor changes, better written and edited, it is STILL THE SAME BOOK! You can review it! It will be not be categorised as a verified purchase review but it will be a valid review that will greatly help the series out.


Your review doesn’t need to be long. It doesn’t need to be an essay. Just a star rating and a few simple words about whether you liked the book or not.

Of course, please be honest! Only honest reviews help other readers.

Want to be of even more help? (Please say yes!)

If you can ALSO share that review on OTHER bookstore websites, that would mean the world to me.

You can literally post the SAME review. Kobo and iTunes and Nook don’t mind at all.

So if you feel like copy-pasting your review all over the internet, here are a few links to help with that. (With Nice Buttons.)





EDIT: It was pointed out to me that you can’t leave amazon reviews on a non-native/local site. I have provided additional links to help with that. If want additional links, please make a request. I will do my best!


  1. I went to leave a review but it would not let me as it directed to the us version of the website. It may be useful to include a link to the uk amazon with the book.

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