Void Prince

To the outside world, Aelius Yanartas was gone for four years. For him, it is closer to eternity. Stranded in the void by a love rival and left for dead, Aelius was lucky enough to have loving parents who spared no expense to rescue their son. However, in the time he was gone, the world kept turning without him. 

The architect of his tragedy, a former gutter rat named Damien, has soared skywards. He has gone from an orphaned street urchin to the chosen disciple of several distinguished masters, the lover of a dozen different princesses and noble beauties, the inheritor of a fair few legacies and been revealed to be the long-lost scion of a storied and powerful imperial dynasty. 

Surely that can’t be, right? 

How is it that in the four years where Aelius was effectively in a coma, this unworthy brat has risen so high, he is widely proclaimed to be a son of heaven? Whatever the case, Aelius has a long way to go if he is to reclaim his former glory and even stand a chance against his old foe.

Tags: Action, Adventure, Xuanhuan, Magic, Politics, Cultivation, Team Battles, Multiple Realms, Business Management, Disciples, Eye Powers, Greedy MC, Martial Spirits

The Victory Conditions

Orphaned at a young age, Bunpagna lived a harsh life. Joining a gang, he became a brigand, a highway bandit. Sadly, bandits in fantasy stories never have good endings. Conversely, Thaddeus lived a simple average life in a world where magic was fiction. 

Merged by some strange fate, and granted powers straight out of an RTS game, Thaddeus Bunpagna must make his way in a harsh world where danger and opportunity wait behind ever corner. He could be a brutal conqueror or an enlightened lord. The victory conditions are unknown, its up to him to choose his path. 

Tags: Action, Adventure, Magic, Politics, Cultivation, Army Battles, Multiple Realms, Kingdom Building, Unique Ability, Bloodlines, LitRPG, 

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