Lore: Ranks in HoGW

A Ranking of all things HoGW

Like the title says, this is a definitive ranking of all things HoGW. Some of this has yet to appear in-story but will become common knowledge circa end of trials.


Arcanist/ Mage/ Wizard/ Psychic/ 

  • Arcane Disciple: Shapes
    • Arcane Baptism
    • Energy Gathering
    • Arcane Manifestation
    • Energy Condensation
    • Energy Crystal
    •  *Attunement (Not a stage, merely the preparation to ascend)
  • Arcane Lord: Mimics
  • Arcane King: Comprehends
  • Arcane Emperor: Controls
  • Arcane Sage: Fuses
  • World Transcendent: Becomes
  • Heavenly Immortal: Surpasses


Tellurian/ Terrenist/ Qi Warrior/ Physic

  • Terrene Practitioner
    • Bone Transformation
    • Flesh Transformation
    • Meridian Opening
    • Qi Manifestation
    • Qi Core
    •  *Attunement (Not a stage, merely the preparation to ascend)
  • Terrene Lord
  • Terrene King
  • Terrene Emperor
  • Terrene Sage
  • World Incarnate
  • Terrene Divinity


Daemons/ Demon Beasts/ Magic Beasts/ Spirit Beasts/ Beastials

  • Daemon
  • Daemon Lord
  • Dire Daemon
  • Daemon Sovereign
  • Mystic Daemon
  • Bestial Ascendant
  • Primal Divinity


Items/ Essence Artefacts & Materials

  • Elite: Enhances essence
  • Noble: Develops intent, concept
  • Royal: Develops will
  • Imperial: Develops soul
  • Profound: Possesses life
  • Numinous: Becomes transcendent
  • Divine Artefact: Becomes divine


Techniques/ Methods/ Skills/ Spells [Seven Tier System]

  • Elementary: Shape and Elemental Effects 

  • Primary: Properties, concepts, aspects

  • Regal: King’s Will. Dictates.   

  • Imperial: Becomes an edict

  • Profound: Affects the world. 

  • Exalted: Exalts itself

  • Divine: The realm of the gods

Imperial Spell Levels

  • 1st: Shaped Essence
  • 2nd: Aspect Enhancement
  • 3rd: Aspect Construct
  • 4th: Will Enhancement
  • 5th: Aspect Manifestation
  • 6th: Domain
  • 7th: Conceptual Path
  • 8th: Enshrined Law
  • 9th: Law Construct 
  • 10th: Chaos Birth
  • 11th: World Breaker/Maker
  • 12th: Divine

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