HoGW's 2nd Anniversary

HoGW’s 2nd Anniversary Special Event

The HoGW web serial is two years old!

Hello guys,

Today is July 13th. That means it has been two (2) years since I started writing HoGW. Actually, it is the second year since I started writing seriously and marks this as both the longest running project and the furthest I have ever taken a story (also the furthest a story has taken me). This, of course, calls for a celebration. Some of you probably remember our last anniversary event. Yeah, it was a disaster! This time, however, we are going with something simpler.

Originally, I planned to put Book Two: Nestling on pre-order today (second book, second anniversary. It just seemed right ). Sadly, that does not seem like it will be happening. The book simply isn’t ready yet. So, I had to abandon that idea and go with something else, something that gives back to you in thanks for your support over the last two years.

Besides the usual mass release and special, we will be having a trivia quiz. It involves simple questions that any true HoGW fan will be able to answer. Here’s the kicker, get five (5) of them right and you will win yourself a free copy of Book One of HoGW: Hatchling. Get all of them right and you get to be one of the rare few to receive a beta copy of HoGW Book Two: Nestling before its official release.

To make it more challenging, the answers to the questions are only valid for the first hour after the question is revealed and that hour only. These questions will be spread out, one to each post released for our anniversary. Now, to prevent some from simply copying others, the answers will only be accepted if they are sent directly to me.

Just to clarify: Do Not Put Answers In The Comment Sections! They will not be accepted. Simply send me a private message on discord or email them to me at lupineking@gmail.com. You can even use the mail form in the contact us section of the site.

Hope you enjoy yourselves, Happy Anniversary!



Important Notice: Someone has rightly complained that the special event is unfair. It’s a big world, lots of time zones and many would not even know a chapter is out or be awake for it until long after the time is past. Long story short, the anniversary event is unfair. I had to concede. I honestly never considered that when planning this and I am thankful that it was pointed out.

The time period has been extended to a grand total of 24 hours from the first post for the entire event!

So if you felt you lost your shot. Don’t worry, you can still make it. Feel free to send your answers whenever but I’m shutting this down after 24 hours.

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