HoGW Valentine's Day Special

HoGW Valentine’s Day Special: Poems for Rebecca

When I first loved you

We lie here now clasping hands

I turn to watch you, to see

Your chest rise and fall with steady breaths

And feel my own fill with heady bursts

Bursts of an emotion so pure and uplifting

Bursts of an elixir that’s truly intoxicating

Something that makes my head spin and my breath catch

And leaves me wishing the moment would draw for an eternity


When was it that this begun?

That I found myself reacting to your presence

That I began aching for your touch

And my time away from you seem dull and lifeless

When was it that I first loved you?

When did I? How did I? What caused it?

A holy trinity of interrogatives assaults me

But I am still left unclear.


When did I first love you?

Was it when we first met?

The instant when my eyes sought yours

And found themselves looking into their hopes.

An entrancement that persists till today.

Or was it when you said your name

And my mind seized it like the gospel

Knowing it to be a life-saving truth?


Perhaps it’s when we crossed that street

And our hands found each other

An embrace of fingers that seemed so right

So fitting. Like it was always meant to be.

It was definitely before you said yes

Though that was when my heart swelled and leapt,

Exulted that you loved me too.

For that made me love you more.


But even with this

I do not know when I first loved you

And I’m not sure I truly care

When it started or whence it came

All I know is that I do so now.

I love you! Dear Lord, I love you!

Irrevocably, wholly, truthfully

And I will never, ever stop.


Author’s Notes:
I got caught up in the holiday spirit and wrote some love poems. The first time I’ve done so in a long while so I thought it would nice to post them for you guys to read as well. There are three poems. The first will be posted here but the other two will be on patreon. Don’t worry! They will be public and thus, free for all to access and read but only for 24 hours after which they’ll become patron only.

This will be just like our Christmas special. Only, this time when you read the poems please try and like the post as well. It helps a lot in getting my profile displayed on the site. Last time, we got hundreds of views and only a single like. Show some love people, it’s Val’s Day!
Updates will resume on Thursday and our Schedule will be Thursdays and Saturdays from now on. Look forward to it!
Without further ado, read the first of Poems for Rebecca. The link to the others is below.
Poems for Rebecca on Patreon.

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