HoGW Specials

HoGW Special: The Just Beast

Today I cry foul

Tonight I seek redress

Retribution. Revenge

Not justice, that hollow thing

That exists as myriad interpretations

And holds no true satisfaction


What court? What Jury?

I none to choose for me

I require no judge

Who dare claim to best?

Who dares decide another�s fate?


Only two parties matter

Myself and foe

The matter is our to decide

As nature intended

Under the sky, in a circle of bones

Or with influence and wealth


I will take my pound of flesh

I will taste sweet bloody tang

On my fist, on my tongue

In proper battle

Using fang and claw

Using coin, will and pull

And if I fail?


I fail

That’s all there is to it

I wasn’t strong enough

I wasn’t fast enough

I didn’t want it enough

Or my opponent was just better.


Be that the case, there lies no wrong

For we are to take what we can

We are to fight for what’s ours

Only the strong may decide

And if Im not that one?


If I’m not the stronger then fine!

Might is right!

The mighty are the right!


For only the strong may survive

Not the brawny, the strong

Those who excel

The exalted few

Who surpass us all in form and mind


That’s the ordained law

Heaven’s decree and Earth’s dictate

The rule of land and sky

The one ingrained in our blood

In our bones, our hearts and minds

The only law I follow


The reply given by Greatclaw, Horde leader of the daemons of Mount. Thane, to the other parties that offered to help mediate and settle his dispute with Iceblood, the other major horde leader in the region.