HoGW Specials

HoGW Special: Scribbles On A Wall

I’m in hell

I suffer and scream

A soundless scream

Of pain and frustration

Of sorrow and despair

For I am in hell


A miserable place

A terrible place

A horrible place

A place deserving all of them

All the bad ‘-bles’

And I’m in it


Hell is not what you think

There’s no fire or brimstone

There’s no ice or frost

There’s no heat or cold

There’s just a stillness

A suffocating blandness


You might scoff at this

And think this is not hell

Yes, there’s no burning, no freezing

No screaming, No

But there is suffering

This is hell


There might be other hells

Other torments and tortures

But this is probably the worst.

Nothing changes. Nothing happens.

What little it has is there

There to make it truly hell


It’s soul stealing, life draining

Will breaking, mind-numbing

It will drive you insane

It will leave you a shell

But it will never let you go

Not willingly. Not easily. Not ever!


It is designed to trap you

To wrap you in its banality

To numb you with nothingness

To near kill you with boredom

It is an encapsulating void

It is the greatest prison


I am in hell

I suffer and scream

But nothing comes out

I’m in unfeeling pain

And I wish to escape

I would not wish this on anyone


I am in hell

But I’ll leave this hell!

Even if only in death!


A message found scratched into a wall inside a pocket realm next to the remains of an unknown cultivator. It is unknown how long she was trapped there in the featureless place.

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