HoGW Specials

HoGW Special: The Righteousness Of The Undying

I’ve been lost for a while

Confused and without goal

Hanging there in the void

Deprived of all I once was


I had forgotten my own form

I was left with no direction

Simply wandering through life

Going where wind and sea

Where breeze and wave take me


I’ve been lost for a while

With my conscience as a compassion

The damned thing never worked

Hasn’t in a long time

Not in a very long time

Until now.

Thank Verre it’s working now!


A proclamation by Akaluta, the pride of the Hidden Hands right before he slaughtered the entire shadow council and destroyed the once feared dark sect. 6, 859 last year of the Age of Seeyos. The year before the Age of Banished Shadows.