HoGW Specials

HoGW Special: A Curse of Retribution

Let me curse! Let me curse!

Let me lay my curse

Let me hex their lives

Let me wish their death

Let me vent my hate!


They must suffer. Yes, suffer!

They must feel despair

They must dread each step

They must fear and quake

They must reap their grain


They have taken from me

All I have. All I’ve given

They’ve received my love

And paid back with hate


May they suffer my curse!

Suffer my evil eye

Suffer my hex

Suffer my ire

Suffer my hate

Gain ill will

And endure torment!


Let me curse! Let me curse!

Let me lay my curse

Let me hex their lives

Let me wish their deaths

Let me vent my hate!


For they’ve earned it

This they’ve done twice over

I’m left with naught but hate

So I’ll give them plenty

Till there’s nothing left.


An Ilthaine curse. No one is sure whence it first came into use, how or where from. All that is certain is that it works and that the recipient(s) of such a curse must be truly deserving and the caster(s) genuine and grave victims. When correctly performed the spirits of the land themselves will seek retribution on behalf of the caster making sure to pay with added interest the equivalent level of suffering that recipient(s) put the caster(s) through. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the first five verses are chanted furiously whereas the last is uttered quietly and somberly. Rumours exist of an addendum that if added to the end makes the ritual final, consuming even the caster(s) life as well to boost the curse by several orders of magnitude.

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