HoGW Specials

HoGW Special: A Path To Tread

Heaven knows, oh heaven knows

How hard I’ve tried

How far I’ve gone

In my struggle, in my battle

To do good, to do right

To stay on the path of righteousness

To make my maker proud.


It is difficult, very difficult

This fight against the current

It is easy, very easy

To let myself be led by wave and tide

It is tempting, oh so tempting

To sit and do nothing, to resign.


Then I’d never lose

But then again, I’d never win

Except to say I stood not alone, exempt

And then to say I failed like countless others

And was unworthy of your blessings


But there might be another way

Another strategy I can employ

To win, to emerge victorious

From the exit of the tunnel

And find my way to your feast halls


It is not your way, a deviant path

It is uncertain, unplotted, perilous

And yet perhaps my only one

For I have stranded myself

And see no other way forward

No other way to reach you

But would you accept me then


So heaven forgive me, please!

I’ll stray from the beaten paths

I’ll walk neither of the two

Those broad roads with endless trials

For both are fraught with peril

And at best an ambush at every turn


I’ll make my stand. Alone. Exempt.

I’ll carve my path

My very own path

Guided only by your presence, your will

And by my own spirit

I’ll make my own way

Through whatever troubles undaunted


So heaven guide me! I beg of you!

That I do not lose my way

That I do not lose my purpose

That I do not forget myself

That I do not lose sight of you

As I carve my path

My own unique way

To you, my mother, my sponsor, my destination


Penned by the mage Altrascius of Lorehaven in the year 720, Age of Warring States. Once known as the ‘Blessed of the Heavens’ hereafter as the ‘Brightheart Titan’ shortly before his miraculous recovery from his cursed injuries and seemingly permanent halt in the preliminary stage of the Sage tier

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