HoGW BK II: Nestling is Finished!


Finally, after months of waiting, Nestling is ready. I will not be releasing it immediately of course. I did learn from my last lacklustre book launch. There is a launch schedule to create, promotions and marketing options to consider, etc. The goal is to make this book perform better than Hatchling. I have learned much and grown over the past year. Time to put that into practice. In the meantime, here’s something to tide you over until it goes on pre-order next week, October 2nd, 2018. A look at the cover and blurb!


HoGW BK II: Nestling
Heavenward on Golden Wings Book Two: Nestling

The veil has been peeled away and the true face of Verre has finally been revealed. The question is, what is one boy to do when the game has already begun and the players are playing for stakes higher than he can imagine? What can he do when he is merely one of the pieces?


Having discovered his origins and been absolved his so-called curse, Valerian is riding the east wind. Power, greater than anything he has ever known, courses through him and his status in the House of Cragsveil is higher than ever before. He is soon made privy to some of the clan’s greatest secrets. This should be the crest of his wave but instead, it leaves him feeling more lost and ignorant than ever before.

Despite his power, Valerian remains a child, insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Resolving to push forward and prove his mettle, he sets his sights on the upcoming Zebre, the combat festival of the plains folk. In his mind, it will be the perfect platform to showcase his skills.

However, this Zebre is different. Forces are stirring. Schemes long in the making are about to come to fruition. A storm is coming to Cragsveil and the Steelborn are at the centre of it. Valerian might want to push himself into the spotlight but he will have to be careful not to be swept away.

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