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HoGW Anniversary Special: We’ve come far, haven’t we?

We’ve come far, haven’t we?

A thousand steps and more it seems

T’wasn’t so long ago that

We started this journey

This trek that seemed so arduous at first

Well, we’re here now, aren’t we?


We’ve come far, haven’t we?

Far enough to leave them behind

The naysayers and ridiculers

Far enough that all fall aside

Even the doubts and fears

Far enough to be recognised


We’ve come far, haven’t we?

Far enough that our trail

Blazes through the uncharted lands

They know our names now,

They sing our songs, tell of our feats

They watch for what comes next


We seem to have come far, don’t we?

So far, so fast and yet not enough

There are miles ahead of us still

Unwalked valleys and unclimbed hills

There’s still glory to be had

Feats and deeds to accomplish


We seem to have come far, don’t we?

But we’ve only, slightly…

Barely scratched the surface

We aren’t Legends yet.

There are no fables that speak of us

No children who wish to be us


We seem to have come far, don’t we?

But not far enough to be proud

We have yet to fulfil our dreams

Yet to build legacies that will

Last for generations and ages

We have nothing but empty fame


We’ve got a long way ahead, do we not?

A long way till our dreams

Those fanciful things

Come alive in our waking moments

Far to go till we touch the horizon

Far yet till we become heroes


We’ve got a long way ahead, do we not?

And what comes next, is the hard part

The thing about climbing high is

There is a long way to fall

Our grip is going to have to be strong

And our spirits unrelenting


But we’ve come far, haven’t we?

I look around and get lost

So much has changed

The dream remains, though

It’s carried us this far,

And mayhaps, further still


The road ahead is long, isn’t it?

We’ve yet to cover a tenth

The journey might still be fraught with peril

But the best is yet to come

The deeds ahead will be glorious

And our feats beyond numbering


We’ve got far to go, that’s for sure!

But we’ll walk it just the same

Our gains are just starting to pour in

We mean to go further still

To push past our own boundaries

What we’ve started, we’ll finish


We will go far, won’t we?

That sky, we’ll surpass it

That land, we’ll conquer it

That ocean, we’ll sail it.

For as far as we might have come

We’re just getting started!

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