The Hall of Heroes

The names inscribed here belong to those whose greatness and generosity know no bounds.

Those who shower us with benediction.

Those whose valiant efforts support us and our work.

Whose endeavours encourage us.

Whose labours keep our eyes, our pens and our fingers from faltering.

They are our Defenders, our Heroes, our Champions and our Patrons.

Thus, we place them in their rightful place.

This Hall of Heroes!

A place to honour these exalted ones.

May you continue to stay with us.

Supporting us, battling on the frontier and generally remaining as awe-inspiring as you have proved yourselves to be.

May all you have expended be replenished manifold and may others look to you and follow your example.

Our heroes;

  • Dave
  • Stone Rose “Le Grand Chef”
  • Adam
  • Killashard
  • ScruffyBobo
  • Talendrake 
  • Dren
  • Druiseeker
  • Dapper
  • DardyNoongar
  • zachj
  • Cory
  • FFT1 the BlazeKiller
  • Jarod
  • Argetsword
  • Ricardo
  • Pavante
  • Angelupdatesnow
  • Caladbolg
  • Prana
  • Charles Reynolds
  • Jawke
  • Kyle Ryan
  • Kenneth c King
  • Gabriel Boudreau
  • Izek Davis
  • Desert Wight
  • Filippo Sagra
  • Joshua Strider
  • Jailbreak
  • Matthew Hodges
  • Lars Townsend
  • Nyge Dzorwa
  • Sasha Hasic
  • Tom Pulk
  • Evans Lawson
  • Patrick Ayres
  • Michael Day
  • Håkan Olofsson
  • Sebastian Bickerton
  • Pietr Alexander Dragunov
  • ILoveBeards
  • Tom Pulk
  • Edward Scott


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