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eBook: $1.99
Series: Heavenward on Golden Wings, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy

What do you do in a land crawling with daemons, arcanists, tellurians and who knows what else?

Valerian Steelborn is a scion of the noble House of Cragsveil, peers of the realm and rulers of the Viscounty. Wealthy, talented and gifted with prodigious abilities, there is is little doubt that he is blessed. However, recent events appear to suggest otherwise.

Verre is a vast place with daemons and cultivators aplenty. Their schemes and secrets are legion. Valerian finds himself skirting the fringes of some of the greatest his land has to offer and unfortunately for him, he is being inexorably drawn in. There is only one way to keep afloat; grow, train, survive!

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