Announcement: Sick Break!

If you’ve been keeping up (don’t worry if you haven’t, it’s mostly discord stuff), I had to go to the hospital because a scratch I got from one of my dogs got infected and my right hand swelled up like a balloon. Suffice it to say, I was pretty sick for a bit. I got all the greatest infection hits streaming through me. On that note, please make sure to disinfect any and every cut/scrape/injury no matter how minor it may seem! I got this sick from a small nip the same size as a lowercase ‘a’ in times new roman size 12. 

I am feeling much better now. My right hand has finally gone from feeling like a crab claw to something more human. As a bonus, I can move my fingers properly again. To celebrate, I did some writing and the consequences of that prompted this announcement. 

Here goes!

I will be taking a one-week break to recover from my illness. Today’s chapter took a lot more out of me than I am willing to admit. Before, I was willing to push through because I did not want to announce another ‘break’ given what happened that last time but I’ve got to call it this time. I need to pay attention to my health. 

Just to clarify. This will be a 7-day break and I will be fully available on discord or patreon if you want to chat but I don’t think I can continue to push myself in my current state. If something comes up o my recovery/treatment changes, I will let you know but until then, goodbye for now. 

Thanks again to everyone who has sent well wishes. I appreciate it a lot.

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