Announcement: School and New Schedules

School and New Schedules

Yes! I went AWOL again! I did try to keep in touch this time, mainly through discord. I understand that most of you are not on the server, and those that are, do not necessarily keep up to date. Ideally, the best thing to do would be to send out an announcement on the site as well as discord when things come up. Unfortunately, I am unable to resolve this currently. Discord is a lot easier on me. Still, I will try to do better next time.

Here’s what I have been up to;

Remember, last time I mentioned I had some good news that pulled me away from writing for a short bit. That was me getting into the Master’s programme I wanted. These past few weeks have been much of the same; me running around preparing for school and bustling about class.

Thankfully, things have settled down some. I’ve sort of got a schedule in place.

Regrettably, I’m sorry to say that class is going to eat up most of my time. However, I’m not abandoning you guys just yet. I’m going to try and keep writing alongside it. Unfortunately, that does mean that your releases will reduce in number. Once a week on Saturdays for HoGW and Two chapters of DC/RH on Sundays. (Don’t fret! Two DC/RH barely equal one HoGW in length)

Understand that this is a tentative arrangement. Mine is a very intensive course and should push come to shove I will make cuts. School being more important will take priority. However, should I find myself breezing through my classes, I will increase the number of chapters. So… fingers crossed!

It’s a one year course. It will be over soon (a year is a lot shorter than it sounds). Therefore, I beg your indulgence for now.


  1. Are these stories dead? It’s been a while and no update. Shame to see it die but at least with an update I can stop checking.

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