Announcement: No Book, No Launch!

Announcement: No Book, No Launch!

Okay… I have some big announcements.

Today was a big lesson. Everything went to shit a lot more than usual and I was caught flat-footed. I was tired, stressed out and completely unprepared to deal with it.

I’m a planner. Not a “Hey, let’s try this…” kind of guy but a planner planner. I’m the kind who doesn’t find it weird when a villain and his doomsday/ world-conquering scheme fall to pieces just because his omega death beam fails him. It’s because I’m the same way. Everything has to researched and understood, then an outline laid out and followed (but not too rigidly, there needs to be room for compromise and improvisation). You guys have probably seen it in my writing.

Look, the point I’m trying to make is… things need to be planned out and they need to work as planned. Objectives have to be set and achieved or else the end goal cannot be met. Bottom line…things haven’t gone as planned. Not in the slightest and when shit goes wrong, I lose my shit.

That’s it really!

The whole ordeal with my laptop set me back by a lot. I had so much that needed doing and for the entirety of the period I struggled with it, I accomplished diddlysquat. Of course, I tried to make up for it last week and promptly shot myself in the foot. I’m tired and in danger of burning out. The worst part? I cannot make the launch. I mean I can but not how I wanted it. All that work, little sleep and stress only for something subpar at best.

Nevertheless, whilst that was bad in itself, it was not the killing blow. After hounding the editor for the last couple of days, I learned today that no work has been done on Nestling. That’s right! We’re one week away from release and we’ve got no book. Hurray! (Yes! That’s sarcasm) I was working so hard to get everything back up to speed, to catch up to my timeline and complete the priority objectives and now, this. No final draft means no book. No book means no formatting which means no release… you get the picture.

I wanted the works too. A giveaway for advance readers. Email marketing. Custom and professional looking formatting for the ebooks and print. That’s not going to happen anymore. I was working on the formatting (using Hatchling) when my laptop first crapped out. Print is out! And as for giveaways and marketing, have you received any?

This whole thing is going to shit! I cannot and will not put out a half-finished book. I don’t want that and I doubt you will! You guys have given your all this launch especially in terms of support and you deserve better.

So…what now?

I do what I always do. Stop. Reassess. Restrategise. For now, know that the book launch will be postponed. It will need to go on the backburner for two weeks at least while I figure out where to go from here. First, I’ll need a new editor. Secondly, I need to get my shit in order. Then, we release a good book.


  1. Hey, would very much like to help with editing in my free time. Don’t know if it helps, but feel free to contact me

  2. Hey, so a couple things. First off, I’m so sorry you hace to deal with so much BS, and its absolutely better to put out a good book than a rished one without even a good edit. Take your time, the best authors today are YEARS behind their release schedule (looking at you George and Patrick).

    That said however I cannot review your first book on Amazon. And that’s simply because I would never buy it in the condition its in. Your book 1 needs serious revisions to the plot, it needs a more consistent tone, and much more effective writing. All of which I’m confident you are capable of if you took the time. It could be an excellent book in its genre.
    For comparison I would read Will Wight’s Cradle series – meant specifically as an elevated xania/wuxia novel.
    Though the chapters that are a part of book 2 have a better, less confising plot, they still need massive revision. But I would go back and redo book 1 first.

    Take a look at your writing versus that of successful authors in the fantasy genre, and compare. Your writing is ok for a free series – I like valerian to a degree and the overall plot and power progression has kept me interested enough to come back. That said without MASSIVE work I would not concider buying these books.

    If you want specific details of what I am talking about I’m happy to talk – just shoot me an email.

    All this said, I genuinely believe u have potential to be a great writer, and I have been following yoir series for years at this point.

  3. Just keep moving forward and keep writing. I’ve finished the first book and greatly enjoyed it and I’ve already pre-ordered book 2 on Amazon before I started reading here. Your world building and character development are highly entertaining and I agree that you have great future potential as a writer.

  4. I have’t seen an update in a month but i hope your planning is going well and you are finding youself back in a more comfortable spot where you have a clear path ahead.

    Looking forward forward to your future books and series.

  5. Hey man I am just wanting an update on how things are going. It has just been awhile since there has been any so I was just curious on how it is doing on your side. Anyway, it’ll be great when you are back.

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