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New Side Project: Dungeon Core/Realm Heart

Starting today, I will have a new series under my roster. I will be doing this for a variety of reasons.1. HoGW has reached a point where I feel comfortable enough to explore something else.

2. I wish to experiment with new themes that do not fit into HoGW or what I have planned for it. You may have noticed that HoGW is a slow burn series, one I put incredible effort into when it comes to things like character interaction and the exploration of non-standard xianxia themes, politics, family, duty and ambition being a few.  This new project will look into others.

3. I want to try a new style of writing. This new series I’ll be working on will have a much faster pace in terms of plot progression. Don’t worry, I do not plan to sacrifice characterisation, however, I will try out a model different to what I’ve been using for HoGW.

4. Writing HoGW is hard and I want to try my hands at something easier. Few of you ever notice but HoGW chapters are actually huge. That’s one of the reasons for my current editing and publishing woes. Each chapter is between 2500 to 3500 words though they often even surpass the upper limit.

That is far beyond the industry average. You can check if you want. The idea behind online serial novels is to deliver a novel in regular bite-sized chunks. Shorter chapters allow for quicker updates, reduce the burden of editing and give the author a much easier time writing as they simply don’t take as long as longer ones. It’s the same principle behind blogging really.

Truthfully, I did not know this when starting HoGW and when I discovered this, I’d already made a commitment. Those mean something to me. While I have been successful (mostly) at combining my large chapter sizes with my update schedule (three now two a week when others in my league do so weekly or work full time.)  I struggle a lot with it.

I do not and cannot write full time currently. Sometimes, I simply do not have the time to sit, plan, write and edit 3500 words. The side project will be me trying my hand at something more my current pace, something that will allow me to keep my commitments to you, my readers.

This way, when work starts up next week, I can maintain the three chapters a week schedule without straining myself as much. If I work smart, I might even be able to quit coffee again.

Things I will not be doing;

  • Dropping HoGW.
  • Ignoring HoGW.
  • Replacing HoGW.

I am saying this because it bears mentioning. DC/RH will be a side project. That means it will not get as much time as HoGW or as much focus. It is something for me to work through.

For the moment, I’ll be setting it so that we’ll split our current release schedule so that we’ll have two chapters of HoGW in a week and one of DC/RH. Who knows, if we do indeed reach the $100 dollar goal and DC/RH proves to be popular, this may change.


Dao Lord Brandr has cheated death many times over the millennia, enough to know that this time he should have died. There was just no surviving what had happened to him.

Fortunately or unfortunately, he did not. Well…in a way. His body is gone and so is pretty much all of his mighty cultivation base. To add to this, he has suffered severe damage to his soul and as if that wasn’t bad enough he’s lost, far away from any world he knows and maybe even his universe.

Now, he’s just learned from a being called a sprite that he’s some sort of sentient mystic realm called a dungeon and that just for the crime of existing, there would be legions of enemies planning to pillage and destroy him.

It’s okay though. Apparently, he can make legions of his own. Seeing what he has to work with, Brandr decides that perhaps, all is not lost after all…

Tags: LitRPG, Action, Adventure, Xuanhuan, Magic, Politics, Cultivation, Team Battles, Multiple Realms

Chapter releases will start immediately.


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