[Announcement] Explanations

Sometimes life gives you lemons. Sometimes it just fucks with you. I know you’ve been wondering what happened to me. Well, here’s a recap of the last few days of my life.

Night of Thursday

  • A scheduling mistake has the DC/RH chapter go out first instead of HoGW. Fine, I try to work around that to get all the releases out (I was launching something new on the site. You’ll get to see it soon).
  • The wifi craps out
  • Frustrated, I do the only thing I know works; system restore. (It doesn’t fix anything. It just sets back/ banishes the problem for a bit. Been juggling restores since I got clued in on that.)
  • In the middle of restarting after the restore, the computer hits a snag and opens the OS recovery support assistant. It scans the hardware, etc, seemingly makes some repairs and restarts the computer. Booting fails and support and recovery is at it again. After the third time on this carousel, I realise it’s stuck in a boot loop.


Nothing much happens. I take my laptop to work but I’m unable to do anything. I call sinisterSonnet and whine for a bit but that’s it. We set a meet for Saturday morning and he grabs the stuff we need.


  • We (mostly ‘Sonnet. I was moral support) recover the important files, completely format the laptop and do a clean install of windows.
  • I sit there afterwards, slowly piecing things back together and trying to get ready for a release that night
  • Get a call. One of our dogs is dead. Snakebite. Time was male, a terrier and 2 years old.


After four days of no productivity (I have not written a single word at this point) I try what I can to get back into it.

A pipe bursts in the kitchen, flooding the whole house while I sit at my desk.

So yeah… it’s been an interesting week on my end.

Sometimes you have bad days. Sometimes you have bad weeks. I feel like a superhero, honestly. You fight the good fight and keep things together. There are times that your villains one up you but you get out from under them and save the day in the end, no matter how close the call was.

These few days were basically the part where my rogues’ gallery gets together to form a cabal and completely mess me and my life up. I’m going to need to come out from under this and at the same time, I’m going to need to get my own shit together.

So I’m calling a redo! Yes, that’s right a redo. We’re going at it all over again. I’m working out a few kinks in my process but bottom line, we’ll go at this like last week never happened, very healthy right? Come next release time, we’ll go at it like normal and forget the mess that we’re leaving behind.

Anyway, before we get to that I actually have some good news. It’s not much but you should know about it.


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