[Announcement] Changes!

Here are some of the changes I have planned for my work, my writing and how it is presented. Please feel free to weigh in.

Daily Releases Throughout August:

Yes! You read that right. There will now be daily updates to both of my web novels. HoGW will revert to the old model; three chapters a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays whilst DC/RH will fill the remaining slots. As for the why, well let’s just say that I wish to find my own limits and no matter how this turns out, I want it to go down with me putting in the max. I wish to get to the point were daily releases become the norm rather than the exception so for the rest of August, I’ll try to put out a chapter a day. Should I succeed, then I’ll extend it.

The how is a different matter. My contract at my now former place of work ended with July and I chose not to extend it.  Whiles that means I am currently out of work (I wouldn’t call this a job until I figure out how to do this to some appreciable level) I do have time for personal projects. My current professional goal is getting into a good Master’s Programme and writing will fill the space between the now and then.

Wish me luck with my new daily challenge and don’t be afraid to send me a kick to the pants via discord or if I’m running late.

Changes to

As nice as the current look of is, I think we can all agree that things could be better. As it stands it fails in certain practical areas. For example, you cannot go from a post to the next post in that category via the next button. It shows, instead, the next chronological post and not the next relevant. That was a non-issue when we only had HoGW but with the addition of DC/RH things have changed and we need to account for this and other changes.

sinisterSonnet, who has returned to help with this, and I are identifying places were improvements can be made. We are still open to suggestions.

The return of patron-only posts on

Previously, I enabled patron only posts on the official site. This meant that patrons could simply read the advance changes in-site instead of coming to patreon to do. They could receive patron only material and generally, have greater site access than the average user. However, this feature had to be shut down when some users began to complain about it, misunderstanding it to be a paywall.

Thankfully, it appears that the model has become more widespread with sites like wuxiaworld, qidian and even my old colleagues at creative novels adopting similar features.

Some things to note:

For the time being, there will not be a separate premium membership. I’ve seen some sites do it; a premium membership on the site and a patreon for personal, optional support. Until stated otherwise, will only have patrons. Patrons are the premium members in this case.

I will make it easier for people to get from patreon to and access all the features of both. Patrons will be able to log in with their patreon accounts, priority messages/responses, and many others. I’m working on making it possible to access the patreon pledge pipeline from the site so you can both check on and edit your pledges with a few clicks while on as well as have verified comments and user accounts.

There’s more but these are the most relevant at the moment. I will update you when that changes.

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