[Announcement] Bridging LupineKing & Patreon, plus Discord.

Hello everyone,



Some of you have already spotted the log in with patreon option now available on the site. Well, that’s part of a much larger plot. Starting tonight, patron posts will now be available on the site. They’ll still be patron only but they’ll be there. You will be able to access them just as easily as you do here or there as you can here. All you have to do is log on with patreon and you’ll have access to everything available to your tier. Cool huh?

I’m working on bridging the two platforms and this a big step in that direction. My patreon doesn’t get a lot of traffic. In fact, it gets less than 4% what gets per month. As for royalroadl views, it doesn’t even get 0.01% of that. I really get the feeling that a lot of people do not even know what patreon is. why it is necessary, what’s on my patreon page or what they stand to gain to from pledging. They can do so now without leaving the site. Plus, there’s more;

Here’s what you’ll be able to do from now on;

  • Log in and comment with your patreon account.
  • Read patron-only material directly on the site.
  • Make and modify patron pledges straight from the site.



Everyone and his dog has a discord server these days so I decided that we should too. I know we had that HoGW channel back int he day but it never really took off. This time though, our reader based is much greater, our levels of dedication have grown and frankly there’s just a lot more we can do with our own server. So;

Hop on to our server!

We’ve got a few people on already and I’ll admit I really hope you guys join as well, the more, the merrier. I really look forward to chatting with you guys.

Well, that’s it. Get out and enjoy the new features.

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