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My Laptop’s Wireless Adapter Keeps Dying!

This is the same issue I thought I fixed a couple of weeks ago. Well, it’s back and it’s worse. It’s crapped out four times this week alone and nothing I’ve done seems to work for long. The adapter just switches itself off and all wireless options disappear from all the settings. Even when I find it (which I can only do if a I catch it right after it switches off) and turn it back on it goes off after a few minutes. Funny thing is, it comes on for a few minutes when a I restart the computer, most of the time.

This is frustrating and time consuming. I can’t work, or access the internet (and we all know how important that is). Most importantly, I work on that laptop and everything is on there. I can’t even release chapters. Just this afternoon it was working fine. Now, it is not leaving me to work and make this announcement from my phone. I might have to replace it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that as I really hope not that’s not the case. I’ll have someone check it out first.

In the meantime, please stay tuned. I’ll make my way over to an internet café after mass and see if can use an ethernet cable there. I’ll release all the chapters, including the backlog (ones I missed), and put them up on drive. I should be able to edit, copy and paste with my phone from there. Just in case the issue is not resolved quickly. Though, I might have to find another computer to work with.

Wish me luck and see you guys after mass!


  1. Type “usb cat5 adapter” into the Amazon search bar. It’s USB 2.0, Fast Ethenet, $11.95, “amazon choice”, w/ 1400+ positive reviews.

  2. Oops, “wireless”. That’s actually easier to fix (and upgrade). Nearly all laptops use a removable mini-pci express wifi card that’s flush with the laptop motherboard. To be sure, find your laptop model number (normally on the back) and type it and the words “tear down” into youtube. Do whatever that guy did, and look for something that looks like (type “Intel Dual Band Wireless-Ac Hmc + Bt” into amazon). Check if the 2 little snap on wireless antennas are loose or properly snapped on. If they are loose or off, reattach them (might need to GENTLY tighten the antenna connectors with a pair of pliers BEFORE applying them to the card). If you found them flawless and firmly in place, pop them off, and remove and inspect the card itself (and the shiny card teeth you pulled from the slot) for blackening, bubbling, or burns. If the card is damaged/undamaged (but the teeth are good), buy “Intel Dual Band Wireless-Ac Hmc + Bt” off amazon and stick it in there. You’ll need to grab the drivers from the manufacturer site and load them in via USB (that’ll require a secondary pc to do the download, or you could try tethering your cell via USB, slow as dirt, but it’ll get it done) (if the drivers didn’t come on a cd, and your laptop has cd player). If the Laptop is an Apple product, don’t do any of that, throw it in the garbage can, and buy a new Apple Laptop (Seriously, that’s Apple’s policy). Pro-tip, take lots of cell photos of the entire process, where everything is, and all important model numbers. Like the one on the back of your computer and on the wifi card. In case you decide to just put it all back together, go with whatever option B is, and/or wait a month or 2 to until it breaks or you can afford the 20-30 dollar card. Or maybe the laptop is weird and it’s soldered on. I have no idea, I’m shooting in the dark without a model number or brand name. That’s about everything a tech will do to actually fix your laptop. ~fin

    1. I’m sorry!
      You just got upgraded to tech expert in my memory banks. You probably didn’t mean to but its too late now. Expect me to message you whenever I run into computer trouble from now on.
      My computer is actually pretty easy to open. Thankfully, I was able to resolve the issue without taking up a screwdriver. If I had, I’d have definitely used your instructions.

      Welcome to We’re glad to have you in our legions.
      Thanks a lot for the help, Freebeer! I truly appreciate you taking the time and effort.

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