Heavenward on Golden Wings (HoGW)

Heavenward on Golden Wings (HoGW) is the first major work of LupineKing, writer and owner of this site. It is a qihuan-esque high fantasy web serial that has been active since July of 2016. New chapters are currently released twice a week; Tuesdays and Saturdays.


LupineKing’s blog is the receptacle of his rants, rambles and musings as well resources he wishes to make available to his readers and the general public. Expect announcements and updates about his writing and personal life every so often. Nevertheless, most posts here will be concerned with inspiration behind his work and the lessons he’s learned and the experiences he has had writing and web serials/novels in general.

Warning: Might feature philosophical arguments that go nowhere.

Dungeon Core/Realm Heart (DC/RH)

Original a plot bunny chasing discarded plot threads from HoGW, DC/RH quickly became something more. It follows the standard dungeon core format with a twist. What if the newly born dungeon was something more? Something far beyond your basic western fantasy setting ala DnD? In writing DC/RH, LupineKing hopes to bridge xianxia and western fantasy in a unique and novel way. New chapters are released on Thursdays!

The team:

LupineKing (Author)

A young man who writes under a pen name because his real name is eleven syllables long and unpronounceable to anyone who does not speak Nankani, Gurenɛ or any related language. As his name suggests, he is the beloved ruler of all canid species and they love him dearly as well. He lives in Accra and is a soon to be holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Political Science.

LupineKing is the author of Heavenward on Golden Wings, the qihuan-esque fantasy web serial hosted on this site and the mind behind much of the blog. He submits his eye-melting first drafts to his best friend and editor sinisterSonnet who is responsible for making them readable.

He has proved susceptible to flattery on more than one occasion which is something his readers may want to take note of should they ever wish to coax more material out of him.  

sinisterSonnet (Editor)

Cynical and broody, sinisterSonnet would deny any knowledge and connection to this site and its material if he could, despite the fact that he has been thoroughly involved with the project since before its inception.

He loves to lurk in shadows and stick to being a behind the scenes kind of guy and refuses to share personal information about himself over the fly-catcher that is the internet (seriously, it’s called web for a reason). Unfortunately, he’s being dragged into the light to play. This, among many reasons, is why he’s constantly evaluating his relationship with LupineKing, his friend of nearly a decade.

Try as he might, sinisterSonnet is stuck helping to edit LupineKing’s work and manage his site.