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HoGW BK II: Nestling is Finally Here!

The story continues…
Valerian is finally free from the affliction that plagued him through his childhood. With more power than he has ever known, he signs up for The Zebre, the sacred fighting festival of the plainsfolk in a bid to prove himself before the entirety of Cragsveil. 
If only things were that simple. 

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Follow Valerian Steelborn, scion of the House of Cragsveil, genius and dual force cultivator as he finds his place in Verre, a land crawling with daemons, tellurians and arcanists galore, each with their own schemes and ambitions in this coming of age story about power, family, duty and glorious beat downs!

Realm of Valor

Brandr Goldfire, has narrowly escaped death… again! However, he has lost his body, most of his cultivation and sustained serious damage to his soul. The only way to prevent another meeting with the reaper is to adapt quickly to his new form, a sentient mystic realm known as a dungeon and defend himself from the legions of adventurers, nobles and monsters that seek to pillage and destroy him. If only it is as easy as it sounds.

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